About Us

At got kidz? Child Care, our purpose and goal is to provide a safe and nurturing environment for children. This gives parents the peace of mind to know that their child is experiencing an environment that is developmentally appropriate while they are in our care. Led by a director with more than 20 years of experience in child care, we are truly passionate about what we do.


Our programs are specifically designed with your child in mind. We understand that each child grows and learns at his or her own pace. We follow the Creative Curriculum and the Illinois Early Learning Standards. Our daily programs offer a balance ranging from quiet activities to fun gross motor activities. We offer an environment based around the beliefs of Magda Gerber and the R.I.E. Philosophy (Respectful Infant Environment) and we take this philosophy a step further and make the whole center environment respectful. When our staff interacts with you and your child, the respect in their words and actions will be evident.


Registration (Annual) (Non-refundable) 

$85.00 one child          $135.00 for family

$45.00 (annual)            $70.00 for family

Registration fee payment holds the spot for 30 days and releases the required paperwork for enrollment. Registration fee becomes an annual fee after one year of enrollment.



Due by cash or check 10 days prior to start date.  If unable to pay 10 days in advance then cash for that amount may be presented up to the day before start date.


Child Care    

Tuition charges are based on the age of the youngest child in the class due to ratios of teacher to child. Change of age does not necessarily dictate change of rate. We offer a 10% discount for older siblings of FULL—TIME CHILDREN.  This excludes children in after school care.                       

                                                Full-time (Mon-Fri, 5+ hours)      Daily (5+ hours)       4 ½ hours or less

   6 weeks to 15 months                                   $243.00                                   $54                              $27


15 months to 24 months                                  $238.00                                   $53                              $26


24 months to 35 months                                  $192.00                                   $43                              $22



Three Years to Five Years Old                         $180.00                                  $40                              $20


Children age three and up enrolled receive preschool curriculum daily from 9-11:30 at no extra charge.



Yearly Registration and Fee                                                                                                      $30 yearly

Ages 3’s and 4’s First Experience with School                                    T/Th      9-11:30           $134 per month

Ages 4’s and 5’s Kindergarten Readiness                                          M/W/F   9-11:30          $181 per month

Additional lunch option                                                                       11:30-12:15                  $7.00 per day



School Age Rates                    Before and/or after school via local area school bus        $12.00 per day

                                                  Full child care                                                                           $40.00 per day

                                                  School age weekly rate                                                          $160.00 per week


Summer Program                    Ages 6 years through 12 years                             Per week         Daily                    

                                                  (Kindergarten completed)                                    $160.00         $40.00        



All Prices Subject To Change

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